HIVEsplaining: Birds! (2022)

On February 19th 2022, HIVE returned to NI Science Festival, to alight on a new research topic to hatch a fully-fledged new show – HIVEsplaining: Birds!

For 2022’s HIVEsplaining, our vocal brood put all our eggs in one basket and fluttered around to learn more about birds: their bodies, their migrations, and how they relate to our wider ecosystem. HIVE hopped through books, articles and the hidden nests of the internet to help peck apart the big questions: Why do we love the sound of birdsong? What do birds think? And why are we so jealous of their power of flight?

So join HIVE Choir for an artistic exploration of all things ornithological. As usual, expect them to ruffle some feathers as they wing-it with some alternative musical notation, improvisation and sound games. Get ready to warble, caw, cheep, chatter, and chirp as HIVE take wing on a musical adventure through the world of birds.

HIVEsplaining: Your Ears (2021)

– an online concert with NI Science Festival

On 26 February 2021, HIVE broke the 4th wall of the laptop screen with their interactive online concert HIVEsplaining: Your Ears – a musical exploration of the science behind human hearing in collaboration with NI Science Festival and Sonic Arts Research Centre!

Press release:

Belfast’s resident weirdo vocal group HIVE Choir are breaking the 4th wall of the laptop screen to bring you an interactive online concert. HIVE Choir love finding interesting tidbits from books, articles and deep corners of the internet, cutting them up and turning it into music. This year, they’re using their deep-diving skills to teach you everything they think you need to know about a subject of their choice, in the first-ever HIVEsplaining!  And their chosen subject is… the human ear!

So join HIVE Choir for an artistic exploration of the science behind your hearing. Using alternative musical notation, improvisation, and sound games, HIVE will take you on an adventure through the world of aural diversity.

📸 Joe Laverty Photography at Sonic Arts Research Centre