HIVE in Galleries

HIVE work with artists and galleries, creating musical responses to visual artworks. Below are some recent projects at The MAC and PS2 galleries, Belfast.

‘i-i-i’, for ‘On Refusal’ at The MAC, Belfast

In 2020, HIVE composed ‘i – i – i‘ in response to Sable Elyse Smith’s neon artwork ‘Landscape III’ (2017). The text in neon is spoken and sung by performers in a choreographed movement around the gallery space.

Performed 17 Jan 2020 for ‘Reflections on Refusal‘ at The MAC, Belfast.

Programmed by Nollaig Molloy, Jennifer Alexander and Chloe Austin in collaboration with Clare Gormley. Part of ‘On Refusal: Representation & Resistance in Contemporary American Art‘ exhibition, The MAC, Belfast.

‘I Get That a Lot’, for Michael Hanna’s ‘Looking Backwards’

In November 2019, HIVE collaborated with artist Michael Hanna to create a new work responding to his visual artwork Monument VII (2019). The work was installed for Michael Hanna’s exhibition ‘Looking Backwards’, PS2 Belfast.

HIVE’s response, I Get That A Lot, was a torchlit montage of quotations from of the romance novel pasted on Hanna’s artwork.

‘Then something interrupted me from my voyage and removed me from my day dreaming’

In 2019, HIVE worked with visual artists Thomas Wells and Louisa Chambers to produce a live performance as part of their project Then something interrupted me from my voyage and removed me from my day dreaming.

HIVE performed excerpts of ‘I’m Searchin‘ whilst rowing along the Lagan River with Lagan Currachs. Costumes by Wells and Chambers.