With the launch of our new vinyl single ‘Song and Game’ in Summer 2020, HIVE Choir ran a little competition, asking our friends to improvise along with our song Murmuration in exchange for a free copy of the new record.

Well, we have a winner!

Didem Coskunseven improvised with electronics and created some amazing sounds to accompany our voices on ‘Murmuration’. Working with the sounds of our original recording, Didem morphed the frequency spectrum, created delay lines and got weird with some granular synthesis.

Didem Coskunseven is a composer, sound artist and electronic musician based in Berkeley, CA. Coskunseven’s works vary between acoustic compositions for ensembles, electronic music, installations for gallery spaces and productions for stage focusing on creating multi-sensorial experience. She performs as a computer musician and improvisor collaborating with dancers, choreographers and video designers.

We’ll be sending Didem a copy of Song and Game on vinyl and creating a brand new song especially for them! Keep an ear out!

Listen to Didem’s work here: Order the ‘Song and Game’ vinyl record

Competition details (now closed!)

Win a free copy of the Song and Game vinyl record!

And a song from HIVE written especially for you!

Competition deadline 1st September 2020.

Find out how to enter below.

We’ve just released a limited edition 7 inch vinyl record Song and Game featuring live recordings of two our favourite performances: Murmuration and Playing a Game.

We want to give away some free copies of the record and we love working with new people – so we thought we’d get you involved!

We want you to improvise along with our song Murmuration 

How to enter

1. Listen to ‘Murmuration’
2. Record your video
3. Send us your video
4. We’ll pick a winner

1. Listen to Murmuration

Play Murmuration from our Songs and Games album on Bandcamp.  Have a Listen and the work out what you’ll do with it.

You could sing along, play an instrument, try some spoken word, maybe interpretive dance, whatever you like – be yourself! Watch the video above for some examples from the HIVE choir.

2. Record your video

Set up your phone or camera and record a video of you doing your thing with Murmuration playing in the background.

You don’t have to do your thing for the duration of the whole song – choose your favourite bit!


  • Find a good angle for your video
  • Wear headphones if you’re doing something with sound (speaking, singing, playing an instrument). This will let us hear you better and we can add the sound of Murmuration ourselves. 
  • Don’t be afraid to get weird!

3. Send us your video by 1st Sept 2020

When you’re done, send your video to us via hi[at]

Deadline: 1st Sept 2020

4. We’ll have a winner

We’ll choose our favourites and send them a free copy of the Song and Game vinyl.

Not only that but the person who makes the best video overall will receive a brand new song created especially for them by HIVE. 

Good luck!