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Duskless Chorus video

On Summer Solstice, June 2021, HIVE met in Ormeau Park, Belfast for Duskless Chorus. The group spread through the park as far as their voices would carry, then reunited in a circle to sing with the birds. On Summer Solstice 2022 we released this video documenting the performance.

Wait Till I Tell Ye (2022)

In May 2022 HIVE presented Wait Till I Tell Ye, a series of pop-up performances at Ulster Folk Museum. Wait Till I Tell Ye explored the Tape Recorded Survey of Hiberno English (Irish English) conducted in 1972. HIVE used the original questionnaire to interact with visitors and explore their accents.

HIVE also performed versions of Irish folk songs related to topics, objects and animals addressed in the TRS. These included Paddy Shinnahan’s Cow, Nancy Hogan’s Goose, The Bandy Legged Mule, The Spinning Wheel, and two songs based on the tune The Blind Man Can See (‘Tis Miles I have Rambled, and Marrow Bones).

HIVE with Matmos (2022)

In June 2022 HIVE collaborated with American electronic duo Matmos during their residency at the Sonic Arts Research Centre.

The collaboration reimagined works from the Matmos album Regards​/​Ukłony dla Bogusław Schaeffer, presenting these at a live concert in the Sonic Lab, Belfast.

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Song and Game vinyl single (2020)

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