HIVE and Hearing

HIVEsplaining: Your Ears

– an online concert with NI Science Festival

On 26 February 2021, HIVE presented HIVEsplaining: Your Ears for NI Science Festival in collaboration with Sonic Arts Research Centre!

Press release:

Belfast’s resident weirdo vocal group HIVE Choir are breaking the 4th wall of the laptop screen to bring you an interactive online concert. HIVE Choir love finding interesting tidbits from books, articles and deep corners of the internet, cutting them up and turning it into music. This year, they’re using their deep-diving skills to teach you everything they think you need to know about a subject of their choice, in the first-ever HIVEsplaining!  And their chosen subject is… the human ear!

So join HIVE Choir for an artistic exploration of the science behind your hearing. Using alternative musical notation, improvisation, and sound games, HIVE will take you on an adventure through the world of aural diversity.

📸 Joe Laverty Photography at Sonic Arts Research Centre

An Array of Micro-Oralities

In quieting one’s speech, whispering brings breath and word closer together, to rest one on top of the other.”  – Brandon LaBelle, Lexicon of the Mouth.

In An Array of Micro-Oralities, six vocalists from HIVE recite Brandon LaBelle’s description of the act of whispering. HIVE is a vocal ensemble based in Belfast.

An Array of Micro-Oralities is a 360 video – while watching in the YouTube player and click and drag around the screen to look around the circle of vocalists.

If you’re watching in the YouTube app on a mobile device, try rotating your phone to change the angle of view. If you are watching in a headset, try turning your head to catch the whispers over your shoulder.

Performed by Elen Flügge, Emily Dedakis, Fióna Ní Mhearáin, John D’Arcy, Marty Byrne and Richard Davis.

Directed by John D’Arcy 

Recorded by Michael McKnight